NSV Development creates vibrant, dynamic and distinctive places.
We focus on projects that benefit the communities in which they are located while also generating market-rate returns for our investors.

Who we are

We create spaces that are walkable, connected to, and supportive of their neighborhoods.

As master developers, we do more than renew underutilized properties. Through a balance of new construction and historic preservation, we transform neighborhoods and downtowns into thriving, community-oriented, mixed-use environments.

Our projects have paved the way for additional developments, inspiring hundreds of millions of dollars in follow-on investment in areas previously left untouched for decades.


Having potential isn't enough. Someone has to lead.

“One of the main things that inspires us is the excitement and energy that comes to an area once people realize the possibilities and opportunities we create. While we love preserving historic buildings, it’s the residents and businesses that fill the spaces that give an area its vibe.”

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Our Work.

Buildings reach deeper than their own brick and mortar; they are witnesses to history and launchpads to the future. Each of our endeavors celebrates this unique twining of history and future. NSV Development projects create a distinctive sense of place by combining experience in real estate and place making with track record of creating successful Public Private Partnerships. Below are samples of our work. For more information these projects, contact us.


Hay Street Redevelopment

Fayetteville, NC

The Tower at Mutual Plaza

Durham, NC
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Our Team.

We believe that diversity in experience and perspective yields innovative solutions. NSV Development unites the brightest minds across scales: innovators and renovators, engineers and developers, champions and coaches, data devotees, and big-sky dreamers. We are ready to meet you.


Founder & Chairman

Michael R. Lemanski

When Michael Lemanski evaluates the success of a finished project, he looks for the people. “It’s always about creating spaces people want to enjoy,” he says. “And if it’s done right, the users will reflect the diversity of their larger community.” Lemanski is best known for his master development work, which transformed Durham’s city center. At the time, one of his biggest hurdles was convincing skeptical lenders of Durham’s potential. “It seems laughable now that it took years to convince lenders a decade ago that downtown Durham had the ‘market demand’ to absorb 200 new construction apartment units in downtown!” he remembers. “Today in Durham, that would be considered a small project.”


Dewayne Washington

Dewayne Washington takes inspiration from the traditional African Sankofa, a bird whose translation means to go back to the past and bring forward that which is useful. “One of the main things I like to see in adaptive reuse projects is the fresh energy of the new tenants that occupy a once-silent property,” says Washington, who has 20 years of commercial real estate experience and has been an active investor in the redevelopment of downtown Durham for 15 years. As partner at NSV Development, Washington oversees all aspects of NSV’s work with a focus on strategy, operations, and investor relations. “We like to preserve the buildings and renew the vibrancy they once brought to the community.”


Andrew Holton

A Raleigh resident for nearly 20 years, our principal, legal guru, and finance master knows the value of walkable neighborhoods. “My favorite human environments are ones where the majority of needs are met within a 15-minute walk. When we start a new project, I like to look at the existing context of a neighborhood and think through what it needs and how it can evolve for existing neighbors and for new ones.” From his experience partnering with state and community boards, as well as local and state governments, Holton knows how to help each project benefit all stakeholders and continue to stand for generations.


Carl P. Webb

Representation matters. Recognizing the contributions of all residents matters. Keeping a record of those contributions matters. Carl Webb knows that listening to all residents leads to strong communities filled with people invested in the transformation of their hometowns. “When we work on any new project, I try to learn the stories of local movers and shakers, and understand how those stories can shape and inspire the future.” As principal at NSV Development, Webb guides strategic planning, community outreach and engagement, marketing, business development, and branding strategies. “Environmental and historic preservation are really important and should be at the core when renovating spaces,” Webb says. “It’s important to understand not just the needed functionality of the project, but also what story the building is trying to tell us.”

Project Manager

Benton Moss

Benton Moss grew up in an 1832 Halifax County farmhouse that still has its original pine floors. He learned to appreciate skilled craftsmanship not just at home, but also in his hometown. “Rocky Mount is a place known for its long history of makers, textiles, and manufacturing,” he says. “I am proud to be from a diverse city of makers, and bring a love of gritty, historic, hard-working architecture to my work on Main Street.” Moss loves to see as much original or reclaimed wood as possible, especially when it comes to original floors and structural beams. “I am most drawn to the history of each space and its former uses — buildings have their own lives and have seen multiple generations come and go,” Moss says. “When a development goes well, it produces a win for the investors, a win for the community, and a win for historic preservation.”

Senior Project Manager

Carrie Wilkerson

Carrie Wilkerson grew up on a 300-acre farm in Ohio where her signature work ethic was galvanized. “I forged a different path than the other women in my family by opting to join my dad on construction projects around the farm and got my very first (humbling) job – making wooden shims.” Who would’ve thought that farm gal would become a master carpenter, then put down the hammer to focus on her true passion - downtown redevelopment. After paying her own way through college and grad school, and exceling in the corporate world, she couldn’t ignore the entrepreneurial spirit that ignited the next chapters of her successful career. From founding a construction company focused on historic redevelopment, to acquiring several businesses needing a creative and business-savvy refresh, Wilkerson puts all her boundless energy into creative placemaking. “If you have an eye for it, unique properties will tell you what they want to be. Making that happen – activating a block, or an entire downtown community - is incredibly rewarding, albeit a worthy challenge.”

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